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Maximizing the life of deliverables.

Lifecycle Stage Examples


  • Concept
  • Production viability
  • Recipient channels
  • Recipient profiles
  • Delivery methods
  • Future leverage opportunities

Mapping Impact


‚ÄčADP-LLC will also take the time necessary to map the lifecycle stages of each communications element across every anticipated audience or recipient channel to ensure the highest possible impact.  The resulting impact is often the lifeblood of your business.

Reach Of Investment


‚ÄčSomething as simple as a business card or a form has the same ability to impact ROI as your centerpiece marketing communications elements.  We value every dollar spent to communicate and can help you extend the reach of your investment.

We analyze the full lifecycle of what we deliver to our clients to ensure that maximum return is successful in terms of messaging impact, the ability to recoup design investment in future projects, and simple improvements in efficiencies possible from a functional masterpiece.